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The wine auction market affords an opportunity for the hotelier to add bottles to the property’s cellar that may not be available through conventional means, namely continual repurchasing orders through wine merchants…
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Top Five Qualities of Successful Hotels

A thriving hotel is something to be proud of. Getting a hotel to a place where it is profitable and successful takes lots of work and careful consideration. Hotels impact guests’ lives in ways that few other businesses do…
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Spain in the spotlight

Spain’s hotel supply is characterized by mid- and upscale hotels. However, the number of higher-end hotels is increasing at a rapid pace, as HVS’ Maria Coll, senior associate, and Sophie Perret, senior director, explain…
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Are we in a travel bubble or a new normal?

Is the industry in the midst of a busier-than-ever normal of travel or a bubble that will pop? That was the question posed during a Virtuoso Travel Week press conference, held in person in Las Vegas and virtually on Monday…
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