Namewee Teases That His New Hotel In Thailand Has X-rated Activities

Although most will know Namewee (黃明志) aka Wee Meng Chee as a singer and songwriter, the 40-year-old artist is also known for dabbling in a variety of businesses, such as his venture into NFTs. Well, as it turns out, that isn’t all he’s been working on!
Namewee Teases That His New Hotel In Thailand Has X-rated Activities

The singer recently shared one of his more unknown ventures on Facebook; a certain hotel in Dannok, Thailand, after being asked about it. While some have apparently expressed uncertainty for its location, nicknamed “Malaysia’s harem”, Namewee recently shared his reasons for the hotel and its area.

According to the singer, the 4896 Theater Hotel in Dannok, Thailand is a shared venture between him and a friend. The vintage American theatre-themed hotel project began three years ago and was only completed at the end of 2023, thereby allowing it to officially begin operations in early 2024.

“Maybe you’ll think it strange as there are so many businesses to do, why build a hotel? And why do it in a strange place like Dannok?” Namewee prefaced. “Actually, I have three main reasons.” The first was simple, Namewee likes the place. “It’s very special. I have filmed ten MVs here, including “Sorry Boss (不想上班)”, “High Pitched (飆高音)”, “Red People (紅紅年)”, “Thai Sad Song (泰傷情歌)” and more,” he shared.

The singer added that he chose Dannok as the site for his hotel as he felt for the place, especially after seeing most of their businesses close down due to the epidemic. “I decided to start a hotel here because only a hotel can encourage people to stay and enjoy the beauty of the place,” he said.

Last but not least, he had hoped to make money in other areas by investing. “Actually, this idea is the most ignorant, because it’s a very different trade, and my artistic personality aims for perfection, so I (ended up) spending a lot of money,” he admitted. Still, he’s clearly put a lot of thought into the hotel, as evident by its lavish decorations.

Namewee added that the hotel is at the perfect location for Malaysians, as it’s near the Thai-Malaysia border. “You can walk to the 4896 Theater Hotel by foot, it is located between soi 15 and soi 17, and you can see it on the roadside!” he shared. He also mentioned several attractions, including the world’s largest “elephant god”, unforgettable restaurants and “fun” places.

While most may recognise Dannok as Malaysia’s backyard, others have been heard to claim it as Malaysia’s “harem house”. Well, the singer too cheekily compared Dannok to an old saying from China, which claims: “(the emperor has) three thousand beauties in the harem“. “Dannok’s beauties are about two thousand to eight thousand,” he boasted.

Netizens have since voiced support for Namewee’s new business venture, with many wishing him success. A few have even promised to visit when they can. One netizen also pointed out that Namewee’s hotel now sits where the Oliver Hotel once was.

Well, it’s certainly looks like a hotel brimming with the local singer’s personality! We too would like to wish Namewee and his friend success in their venture and hope their business goes well for them.


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