Nestled on the picturesque banks of the Hvítá river, this upcoming bathing spot in the Bláskógabyggð municipality promises to be a haven of natural beauty and serenity. According to Vísir, Árböðin, aptly named The River Baths, is poised to elevate the wellness and leisure offerings in Iceland’s southern region.

Árböðin is the brainchild of T.ark Architects, who have meticulously designed the lagoon to blend seamlessly with the stunning Icelandic landscape. With an estimated investment of ISK 2 billion (approximately $14.7 million or €13.5 million), the project aims to attract between 150,000 to 200,000 visitors annually, catering to both local and international guests.

The lagoon’s facilities are set to include a variety of thermal pools, both hot and cold, along with a steam bath, inviting relaxation areas, and a restaurant to satiate the appetites of its visitors. Located at Laugarás, about a 40-minute journey from Selfoss and close to Flúðir, Árböðin Lagoon is perfectly positioned within the Golden Circle, a popular tourist route that features some of Iceland’s most famous natural wonders.

However, eager bathers will need to exercise a bit of patience, as the grand opening of Árböðin Lagoon is scheduled for May 2025. This addition to Iceland’s array of geothermal attractions underscores the country’s commitment to expanding its tourism sector while promoting sustainable and eco-friendly travel experiences.

As the anticipation for Árböðin Lagoon grows, it’s clear that this development will not only enhance the travel and leisure landscape of Iceland but also contribute significantly to the local economy, hospitality, and tourism industry. The project reflects a growing trend in the travel sector towards creating immersive, sustainable, and wellness-oriented tourism experiences that appeal to a global audience.