Wu welcomed this development and said he saw significant potential for collaboration between the two countries in the tourism sector.

"China, as the world's second-largest economy, plays a vital role in global tourism development. We wholeheartedly welcome Chinese group tourists to visit Finland in the coming months," Wu said.

He noted that Finland is a popular destination for Chinese tourists, especially for winter leisure travelers. The Northern Lights, Santa Claus and the ice hotels have attracted numerous Chinese tourists.

Wu said he believes that the future of cooperation between the two countries in tourism and civil aviation, as well as cultural exchanges, looks promising.

With the resumption of group tourism, tourism cooperation between Finland and China is expected to become more active, providing more opportunities for mutual visits and enhancing mutual understanding and cultural exchanges between the two nations.

To attract more Chinese tourists, Visit Finland plans to increase the visibility of the country's tourist attractions on social media and to promote collaboration between Finnish travel agencies and Chinese tourism trade partners through organized events and exhibitions.

Visit Finland is a part of Business Finland, which is the official government agency for trade and investment promotion.