Travellers can use the machine to delve into the ‘World of Walker’s’ , with details on the firm’s 125 year old shortbread brand – which is made using just four ingredients and has remained in the Walker family recipe books since the founder Joseph Walker baked his first batch.

The machine invites customers to take a digital quiz before providing recommendations on which products to buy, and finally – wait for it – treating travellers to a free shortbread finger.

Commenting on the news Nicky Walker, managing director at Walker’s Shortbread, said:

“As a family-run business, we’re thrilled to launch the world’s first shortbread vending machine. Provenance and heritage is so central to our brand and is part of what makes our products so popular across the globe.

“Bringing a Scottish heritage product and a 125-year-old brand into an experiential sampling format is a great way for us to engage and appeal to today’s consumer habits, and ideal for those who struggle with knowing what product to choose.”

What’s the most surprising item you have seen sold through a vending machine at an airport or hotel (keep it clean please)?

I’ll start the ball rolling – back in 2010 I reported on the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi (now operated by the luxury Mandarin Oriental Group).

At the time the hotel had introduced what it said was the world’s first “gold vending machine”, selling 1g, 5g and 10g gold bars, as well as gold coins in gift boxes.

by Mark Caswell