The Genesis of the Hotel School The Hotel School initiative is the brainchild of Jeremy Goring, the hotel’s CEO, and Mick Clarke, CEO of the Passage, a prominent homeless resource center in London. The duo co-founded the program with a powerful vision: to equip homeless individuals with the necessary skills to secure employment in the hospitality sector. Established in 2017, the Hotel School has already proved its mettle. Outcomes and Impact Operating from the Passage’s Victoria-based center, the Hotel School has successfully conducted 16 courses since its inception. It boasts a staggering 90% retention rate over its 10-week programs, with 75% of its 148 alumni maintaining their jobs for over six months. This achievement is particularly noteworthy in an industry notorious for its high turnover rates. The program has now broadened its scope to include people facing various employment barriers, such as refugees and those with learning or physical challenges. Curriculum and Future Plans The curriculum at the Hotel School is meticulously designed to emphasize practical training, work experience, and motivational talks. The School aspires to have its premises and operate a café as part of its training framework. The personalized support it offers graduates in finding suitable employment, coupled with the intrinsic sociability of the hospitality industry’s workforce, has been instrumental to the School’s success. Graduates from the program have found meaningful employment and personal growth, with stories of transformation and new beginnings underscoring the project’s impact. As the Hotel School continues to evolve and expand, it remains a beacon of hope and change, demonstrating how a business can play a pivotal role in reshaping lives.